Assessing Australia's resilience to natural hazards



Photo by South Australia SES
Photo by South Australia SES

Hazard Note 39 reports on research that has developed an index of disaster resilience, designed to help meet the challenges of Australia's natural hazards. For the first time, this index will assess and report the state of disaster resilience on a large scale across Australia. The index will use a nationally standardised measure that will make it easy for emergency managers to identify areas of strength and areas needing improvement, to plan future actions, policies and programs, and provide a baseline from which to measure progress in disaster resilience.

Emergency service organisations will be able to use the Australian Natural Disaster Resilience Index results in community engagement activities and initiatives.

Further reading

Parsons M, Glavac S, Hastings P, Marshall G, McGregor J, McNeill J, Morley P, Reeve I. and Stayner R (2016), Top-down assessment of disaster resilience: a conceptual framework using coping and adaptive capacities, International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 19, pp.1-11.


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