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Released News Key Topic/s Project/s
14 Dec 2018 Independent Chair sought
13 Dec 2018 Fire dragon to model bushfires fire, modelling Refinement and validation of the pyrolysis and firebrand transport sub-models for a physics based bushfire prediction model
12 Dec 2018 Complex decision making and teamwork when the heat is on decision making, emergency management, response Improving decision-making in complex multi-team environments
12 Dec 2018 Finding fires faster fire, fire impacts, remote sensing Fire surveillance and hazard mapping
12 Dec 2018 Satellites to help show when the bush is ready to burn fire, remote sensing, vulnerability Mapping bushfire hazard and impacts
12 Dec 2018 A new model for helping communication, non-traditional recruitment, volunteering Out of uniform: building community resilience through non-traditional emergency volunteering
12 Dec 2018 Better warnings to ensure action communication, communities, warnings Effective risk and warning communication during natural hazards
12 Dec 2018 Strength in the face of high winds cyclone, engineering, mitigation Improving the resilience of existing housing to severe wind events
12 Dec 2018 Better fire danger ratings fire, fire severity, warnings
12 Dec 2018 Emergency planning for animals animals, communities, planning Managing animals in disasters: improving preparedness, response, and resilience through individual and organisational collaboration
12 Dec 2018 Sharing the risk policy, risk management, vulnerability Mapping and understanding bushfire and natural hazard vulnerability and risks at the institutional scale
12 Dec 2018 School-based education for disaster risk reduction child-centred, education, resilience Child-centred disaster risk reduction