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13 Dec 2019 Researchers required for new project exploring volunteer mental health mental health, volunteering
13 Dec 2019 New online – December 2019 communication, emergency management, fire Risks assessments of non-compliant materials on buildings, Activation of community fire units in the Blue Mountains during the October 2013 bushfires, The Roles of Pharmacists in Disaster Health Management in Natural and Anthropogenic Disasters, Urban planning and resilience to bushfires, Enhancing resilience of critical road infrastructure, Fire surveillance and hazard mapping, Flood risk communication, Improved decision support for natural hazard risk reduction, Improving land dryness measures and forecasts, Urban planning for natural hazard mitigation
12 Dec 2019 Talking inclusion with the first UK female firefighter diversity and inclusion, firefighter, recruitment Diversity and inclusion: building strength and capability
12 Dec 2019 Calling SES volunteers – you can help with research diversity and inclusion, recruitment, volunteering SES fit for task
11 Dec 2019 Special edition Monographs share AFAC19 science emergency management, land management, multi-hazard
11 Dec 2019 AFAC19 takes out award decision making, emergency management, multi-hazard
10 Dec 2019 A year full of research, utilisation and engagement decision making, emergency management, multi-hazard
04 Dec 2019 Showcase natural hazards science at AFAC20 communication, decision making, emergency management
26 Nov 2019 Answering burning questions fire, prescribed burning, risk management From hectares to tailor made solutions for risk mitigation
19 Nov 2019 CRC science making national impact fire, fire severity, fire weather 2017 NSW post-incident task force, Domestic architecture and the perception of risk in bushfire-prone areas , An analysis of building losses and human fatalities from natural disasters, Catastrophic and cascading events: planning and capability, Coupled fire-atmosphere modelling, Fire coalescence and mass spotfire dynamics, Fire surveillance and hazard mapping, Flood risk communication, From hectares to tailor made solutions for risk mitigation, Managing animals in disasters: improving preparedness, response, and resilience through individual and organisational collaboration, Mapping bushfire hazard and impacts, Optimising post-disaster recovery interventions in Australia, Threshold conditions for extreme fire behaviour, Urban planning for natural hazard mitigation
18 Nov 2019 New online - November 2019 emergency management, engineering, fire Bushfire climatology in Victoria, An investigation of the dynamics of fire-fire interactions using a coupled fire-atmosphere model, Fragility and resilience of bridge structures subjected to extreme wave-induced loads , Modelling the impact of lifeline infrastructure failure during natural hazard events, Preparing for the big one: Disaster risk reduction for morbid obesity, Sprinkler systems for the protection of buildings from wildfire, The impact of individual factors and operational organisational resources and demands on mental health outcomes, The post-disaster city: Urban crisis politics and social change in community led earthquake recovery, Cost-effective mitigation strategy for building related earthquake risk, Economics of natural hazards, Enhancing resilience of critical road infrastructure
07 Nov 2019 AFAC19 research front and centre in Journal decision making, emergency management, planning An investigation of the psychosocial factors that influence cyclone mitigation behaviour in homeowners, Community volunteering and disaster recovery, The 2013 Forcett-Dunalley fire: A geospatial analysis of fire severity, smoke transport and emissions, Flood risk communication, Improving decision-making in complex multi-team environments, Tools supporting fire management in northern Australia