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3/2019 Report Impact-Based Forecasting for the Coastal Zone: East Coas... severe weather PDF icon rb25-annual_report_2017_2018_impact_forecasting_v5_2.pdf
2/2019 Report Catastrophic and cascading events: planning and capabili... capability, decision making, vulnerability PDF icon rb21-catastrophic_disasters_annual_report_2017_18_2_1.pdf
2/2019 Report Diversity and Inclusion: Building Strength and Capabilit... capability, communities, vulnerability PDF icon rb23_annual_report_2018_final_0.pdf
06/2019 Report Emergency volunteering shared learning network emergency management, volunteering PDF icon 20190410-evn_lessons_learned_final_2019_v1.pdf
05/2019 Magazine Article Black Saturday bushfires: counting the cost communities, economics, fire
05/2019 Journal Article Public health and natural hazards: new policies and prep... emergency management, mental health, resilience
05/2019 Journal Article Ten years after the Black Saturday fires, what have we l... resilience, warnings
05/2019 Journal Article Effective diversity in emergency management organisation... diversity and inclusion, emergency management, mental health
05/2019 Journal Article Historical background and current developments for mappi... fire, fire impacts, fire weather
05/2019 Magazine Article What do we really mean by ‘floodwater’ and is it ever ok... communication, decision making, flood
05/2019 Journal Article Long-term solutions to improve emergency management serv... communities, emergency management, Northern Australia
04/2019 Journal Article Salivary cortisol profiles of on-call from home fire and... emergency management, mental health
04/2019 Journal Article Internal pressures in a full-scale test enclosure with w... fire severity, severe weather
04/2019 Journal Article The Vegetation Structure Perpendicular Index (VSPI): A f... fire, fire impacts, remote sensing
04/2019 Report Fire in the south: a cross-continental exchange fire, indigenous communities PDF icon wa_hcic_bnhcrc_report_final_april_2019_final.pdf
04/2019 Report Analysis of damage surveys of houses and preliminary inp... cyclone, vulnerability PDF icon task_1.1.1_damage_investigationsfor_vaws.pdf
04/2019 Conference Paper Simulated transport of short-range embers in an idealise... environments, fire impacts, fire severity
04/2019 Journal Article Assessing the ability of image based point clouds captur... environments
04/2019 Journal Article Influence of road characteristics on flood fatalities in... emergency management, flood, preparedness
04/2019 Journal Article Review of resilience assessment of coastal bridges to ex... coastal, resilience, surface wave
04/2019 Report Managing animals in disasters (MAiD) - improving prepare... animals, decision making PDF icon managing_animals_in_disasters_maid_-_final.pdf
03/2019 Report Determining Threshold Conditions for Extreme Fire Behavi... fire, fire impacts, fire severity PDF icon determining_threshold_conditions_for_extreme_fire_behaviour_annual_report_2017-2018_final_19.pdf
03/2019 Report Towards Protective Action: Effective Risk and Warning Co... communication, multi-hazard, warnings PDF icon towards_protective_action_effective_risk_and_warning_communication_during_natural_hazards.pdf
03/2019 Report Relicts at Risk: Impacts of the 2016 Tasmanian Fires on... environments, fire impacts, fire severity PDF icon impacts_of_the_2016_tas_fires_on_pencil_pine_qrf_final_march_2019.pdf
03/2019 Report Cost-effective mitigation strategy development for build... decision making, earthquake, emergency management PDF icon cost-effective_mitigation_strategy_development_for_building_related_earthquake_risk_final.pdf
03/2019 Report Cost-Effective Mitigation Strategy Development For Flood... engineering, flood PDF icon flood_damage_models_workshop_14_june_2018_reporting_-_final_1.pdf
03/2019 Report Improving the resilience of existing housing to severe w... engineering, severe weather PDF icon improving_the_resilience_of_exisitng_housing_to_severe_wind_events_3.pdf
03/2019 Report Active fires: Early fire detection and mapping using HIM... fire weather, forecasting, scenario analysis PDF icon active_fires_early_fire_detection_and_mapping_using_hmawari-8_annual_report_2017-2018_final_2019.pdf
03/2019 Report A preliminary report on simulation of flows through cano... environments, fire impacts, tropical PDF icon a_preliminary_report_on_simulation_of_flows_through_canopies_with_varying_atmospheric_stability_final_2_2019.pdf
03/2019 Report Understanding Post-Fire Fuel Dynamics using Burnt Perman... fire, fire impacts, land management PDF icon understanding_post-fire_fuel_dynamics_using_burnt_permanent_forest_plots_final_2019.pdf
03/2019 Report The disaster resilience project: a school-based feasibil... communication, emergency management, warnings PDF icon disaster_resilience_report_with_attachment_5.pdf
03/2019 Journal Article Limitations of high resolution satellite stereo imagery... Northern Australia, remote sensing, savanna grasslands
03/2019 Report Townsville 2019 flood: insights from the field emergency management, flood, warnings PDF icon townsville_2019_flood_insights_from_the_field_2.pdf
03/2019 Report Mapping Bushfire Hazard and Impacts Annual Report 2017-2... emergency management, fire, fire impacts PDF icon mapping_bushfire_hazards_and_impacts_annual_report_2017-2018_final_19.1.pdf
03/2019 Report Cost-Effective Mitigation Strategy Development for Build... earthquake, emergency management, mitigation PDF icon cost-effective_mitigation_strategy_development_for_building_related_earthquake_risk.pdf
03/2019 Report Final report on vulnerability of as-built and retrofitte... earthquake, emergency management PDF icon 2.2.1_final_report_on_vulnerability_of_as-built_and_retrofitted_urm_buildings_1.pdf
03/2019 Report Flash flood fatalities in NSW, VIC, ACT and South East Q... emergency management, flood, risk management PDF icon flash_flood_fatalities_in_nsw_victoria_act_se_and_qld_from_1_january_to_30_june_2017_-_final_3.pdf
03/2019 Report Enhancing resilience of critical road infrastructure: br... engineering, multi-hazard PDF icon enhancing_resilience_of_critical_road_infrastructure_bridges_culverts_and_floodways_under_natural_hazards3.pdf
02/2019 Journal Article Modelling wind direction distributions using a diagnosti... fire, fire weather, severe weather
02/2019 Journal Article Challenges for prescribed fire management in Australia’s... fire impacts, land management, savanna grasslands
02/2019 Report Optimising post-disaster recovery interventions in Austr... multi-hazard, optimisation PDF icon optimising_post-disaster_recover_interventions_in_australia_annual_report_2017-2018_final_19.pdf
02/2019 Report Emergency Volunteering 2030: Views from Managers in Volu... emergency management, volunteering PDF icon emergency_volunteering_2030_-_volunteerism_manager_report_-_final_february_2019.pdf
02/2019 Journal Article Delivering effective savanna fire management for defined... fire impacts, land management, savanna grasslands
02/2019 Report Economics of Natural Hazards Annual Report 2017-2018 emergency management, environments, multi-hazard PDF icon economics_of_natural_hazards_final_19.pdf
02/2019 Report Hazards, Culture and Indigenous Communities Annual Repor... indigenous communities, multi-hazard PDF icon hazards_culture_and_indigenous_communities_annueal_report_2017-2018_final_19.pdf
01/2019 Journal Article Walking together: a decolonising experiment in bushfire... fire, fire impacts, fire severity
01/2019 Report Ten years on from the Victorian Black Saturday bushfires... communication, emergency management PDF icon work_based_project_middletona4emg505_002.pdf
01/2019 Journal Article Modelling of radiant heat flux and rate of spread of wil... fire, fire impacts, propagation
01/2019 Report Public information in the emergency services - literatur... communication, emergency management PDF icon literature_review_middletona4emg506_1.pdf
01/2019 Journal Article Calculation of critical water flow rates for wildfire su... fire, firefighter, response