Stuart Midgley opening the 2015 RAF at the NSW RFS
Stuart Midgley opening the 2015 RAF at the NSW RFS
08 Apr 2015

Research Advisory Forum - Sydney 2015

Up to 125 researchers and end user representatives participated in the first Research Advisory Forum (RAF) for 2015, at NSW Rural Fire Service Headquarters on the 8 - 9 April 2015.

This RAF focused on the Resilience and Policy themes of our research program, with the other half of the projects lined up for the next forum later this year.

Al the presentations from the two day event are now online on the Resources tab below.

The forum was opened by the Assistant Commissioner of the NSW Rural Fire Service, Mr Stuart Midgely.

The projects relating to the following clusters attended:

  • Governance and institutional knowledge
  • Economics, policy and decision-making
  • Scenarios and loss analysis
  • Communications and warning
  • Emergency management capability
  • Sustainable volunteering
  • Understanding and measuring social resilience

The general structure of the RAF was:

  • Stakeholder briefings in a large auditorium
  • Breakout sessions in parallel to the stakeholder briefings to support detailed project level discussions between researchers and end user representatives.

Project team members gave a 20 minute presentation on the state of each project while end user representatives presented for five minutes on how they thought the project was going and where it was headed in terms of potential utilisation.

A new feature for this forum was the addition of short presentations by CRC funded Phd students. Conducted in the format of the university sector's Three Minute Thesis, the students spoke enthusiastically about their progress and how it was important to the sector. Presenting at the RAF were Vicky Aerts, Douglas Brown, Bill Calcutt and Billy Haworth. The CRC plans to repeat this approach with the PhD students at other opportunities over the year, including at the annual conference in September.

Four breakout rooms were available to enable cluster and project workshops to take place simultaneously with the stakeholder briefings. All end user representatives involved with the above clusters were invited to attend.




Type Title Credited author Credited author/s NON-CRC
Presentation-Slideshow Sustainable Volunteering 2015 NSW RAF Presentation mjones, asense, bcalcutt Nicholai Popov, Valerie He
Presentation-Slideshow Scientific Diversity 2015 NSW RAF Presentation jweir, tneale
Presentation-Slideshow Disaster Scenario Analysis 2015 NSW RAF Presentation mmason, fdimerdeoliveira A Gissing, V Koschatzky
Presentation-Slideshow The Australian Natural Disaster Resilience Index 2015 NSW RAF Presentation mparsons
Presentation-Slideshow North Australian Bushfire and Natural Hazard Training 2015 NSW RAF Presentation ssutton
Presentation-Slideshow Out of Uniform 2015 NSW RAF Presentation jwhittaker, jhandmer, bmclennan
Presentation-Slideshow Policies, Institutions and Governance 2015 NSW RAF Presentation meburn
Presentation-Slideshow Economics of Natural Disasters 2015 NSW RAF Presentation vflorec, ahailu, mburton, dpannell Fiona Gibson
Presentation-Slideshow Bushfire Preparation 2015 NSW RAF Presentation bhaworth
Presentation-Slideshow Mapping and Understanding 2015 NSW RAF Presentation rjones, pschell Celeste Young
Presentation-Slideshow In the Line of Fire 2015 NSW RAF Presentation Vicky Aerts
Presentation-Slideshow Natural Hazard Decision Support System 2015 NSW RAF Presentation hmaier, hvandelden, azecchin, jnewman, gdandy, griddell, cnewland Ariella Helfgott
Presentation-Slideshow Capability Needs for Organisations 2015 NSW RAF Presentation pbarnes
Presentation-Slideshow Improving the Role of Hazard Communications 2015 NSW RAF Presentation imcneill, jboldero Elle McIntoch
Presentation-Slideshow Decision Making 2015 NSW RAF Presentation cbearman, bbrooks, cowen
Presentation-Slideshow Damage and Economic Loss Estimation Model 2015 NSW RAF Presentation arajabifard, mulubasoglu, mkalantari, pbhattacharya Habib Rahman, Yiqun Chen, Katie Potts
Presentation-Slideshow Architecture, Design and Planning 2015 NSW RAF Presentation dbrown
Presentation-Slideshow Child-centred Disaster Risk Reduction 2015 NSW RAF Presentation btowers, kronan
Presentation-Slideshow Valuing Volunteers 2015 NSW RAF Presentation bcalcutt
Presentation-Slideshow Community Understanding of Tsunami Risk 2015 NSW RAF Presentation Katelyn Rossiter
Presentation-Slideshow Community Resilience in Northern Australia 2015 NSW RAF Presentation acampbell
Presentation-Slideshow Managing Animals in Disasters 2015 NSW RAF Presentation mtaylor, pburns, kthompson, geustace Megan McCarthy, Bradley Smith
Presentation-Slideshow Human Fatalities and Building Losses 2015 NSW RAF Presentation khaynes, rvandenhonert, lcoates
Presentation-Slideshow Connecting Communities and Resilience 2015 NSW RAF Presentation vtippett
Presentation-Slideshow Science is critical but it is not everything: our findings jweir, tneale, lclarke
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