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Bushfire impacts on water supplies - Bargo, NSW, 2013

Bushfire impacts on water supplies - Bargo, NSW, 2013

The section is an open forum for Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC partners to voice their views on relevent matters of interest.

In many cases, these posts represent the authors' personal views, which are not necessarily shared by any of the organisations with which they are associated. We publish them here in the interest of encouraging open, wide-ranging discussion on the matters our research is focused on.

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Michael Rumsewicz
Dr Michael Rumsewicz
Research Director
12 Oct
I'm finishing up at the CRC, and it has been quite a journey working on ill-defined and sometimes wicked problems that could make a real difference to Australia's disaster resilience - not always sure what the outcome would be, or even if there would be one, and then figuring out whether it could be made to work in the real world. Thank you all for your help over the years, for accepting me into this community, and for giving me the opportunity to work in a special place. I wish John Bates all the very best as he jumps into the saddle, I'm sure you will give him the same support you gave me.
Andrew Gissing
3 Oct
Is our largest city prone to similar catastrophic flooding like was seen recently in Houston after Hurricane Harvey?
Nathan Maddock
Nathan Maddock
Senior Communications Officer
20 Sep
Not surprisingly, holding Australia's major emergency management conference in Sydney is good for your media profile.
Dr Richard Thornton
Chief Executive Officer
19 Sep
This years Research Forum once again demonstrated how much work is now ready for uptake by the sector.
Prof Alan March
Prof Alan March
Project Leader
18 Sep
Recently I've been in Chile, working with a team to investigate new ways of reducing bushfire risks around Concepcion.
Laurie Hammond
Dr Laurie Hammond
Independent Chairman
8 Sep
The new knowledge that was on show this week in Sydney for our annual conference demonstrates the significant part that research plays in building the evidence base for better policy and practice.
Michael Storey
PhD student
17 Aug
I travelled to the University of Coimbra in Portugal in late June, where I was hosted for two weeks at the Centre for Forest Fire Studies.
Rachel Westcott
Rachel Westcott
PhD Student
31 Jul
New straightforward public policies can increase disaster risk reduction by encouraging fire-fitness as a routine part of daily life.

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