Opening of the Research Advisory Forum 2017, University of Western Australia
Opening of the Research Advisory Forum 2017, University of Western Australia
05 Apr 2017

Research Advisory Forum - Perth 2017

The April 2017 Research Advisory Forum (RAF) was held in Perth at the Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre, University of Western Australia, on 5-6 April.

This RAF focused on the Resilience and Policy themes of the research program. Projects from the following clusters will present:

  • Governance and institutional knowledge 
  • Economics, policy and decision-making
  • Scenario and loss analysis
  • Communications and warnings
  • Emergency management capability
  • Understanding and measuring social resilience 
  • Sustainable volunteering

The RAF is an important CRC gathering held every six months, showcasing the latest research from one half of our research program. It is an opportunity for CRC partners, project leaders and end-users in the CRC to work together, and gain an overview of the research and utilisation activities within the CRC. It allows for a more intensive discussion on the progress of each project, as well as providing more opportunities for informal networking. The format included Three Minute Thesis presentations by CRC PhD students.



Postgraduate students at the workshop before the Perth Research Advisory Forum
18 April, 2017 | More than 120 people participated in the Research Advisory Forum in Perth in April.

Type Title Credited author Credited author/s NON-CRC
Presentation-Slideshow Optimising Post-Disaster Recovery Interventions in Australia mulubasoglu
Presentation-Slideshow What to do with uncertain science: practitioner experiences from Victoria, New South Wales and the Northern Territory jweir, tneale, lclarke
Presentation-Slideshow Using Realistic Disaster Scenario Analysis agissing, rkrupar Thomas Mortlock
Presentation-Slideshow Diversity: Building Strength and Capability cyoung, brasmussen
Presentation-Slideshow North Australian Bushfire and Natural Hazard Training ssutton Iolanthe Sutton
Presentation-Slideshow Policies, Institutions and Governance of Natural Hazards sdovers
Presentation-Slideshow Improving the Retention and Engagement of Volunteers in Emergency Service Agencies yberry, mjones
Presentation-Slideshow Planning and Capability Requirements for Catastrophic and Cascading Events agissing, mtofa, khaynes, meburn, gsmith
Presentation-Slideshow National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing of Police and Emergency Services dlawrence
Presentation-Slideshow Integrated Urban Planning for Natural Hazard Mitigation amarch
Presentation-Slideshow Factors Affecting Long Term Community Recovery pmorley, mparsons
Presentation-Slideshow The Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC Richard Thornton
Presentation-Slideshow Flood Risk Communication mtaylor, khaynes
Presentation-Slideshow Hazards, Culture and Indigenous Communities jweir, tneale
Presentation-Slideshow Team monitoring, decision making & organisational learning cbearman, bbrooks, cowen
Presentation-Slideshow The Out of Uniform Project: Building Community Resilience Through Non-Traditional Volunteering bmclennan
Presentation-Slideshow A Refreshed Research Program Michael Rumsewicz
Presentation-Slideshow An Analysis of Building Losses and Human Fatalities from Natural Disasters khaynes, lcoates, jmcaneney, agissing
Presentation-Slideshow Including Intangible Values in Natural Hazards Decision Making arogers, fgibson, vflorec, ahailu, dpannell Jacob Hawkins
Presentation-Slideshow Building Community Resilience in Northern Australia jrussellsmith, gjames
Presentation-Slideshow Building Best Practice in Child-centred Disaster Risk Reduction kronan, btowers
Presentation-Slideshow Mapping and Understanding Natural Hazard Vulnerability at the Institutional Scale cyoung, rjones, jsymons
Presentation-Slideshow Managing Animals in Disaster mtaylor, lodwyer
Presentation-Slideshow Extending Into Community-Led Preparedness and Planning bmclennan
Presentation-Slideshow Emergency Message Eye-Tracking Study & Business-Focused Risk Communication vtippett, amehta, dgreer, pdootson Pizzino S, Hammill C, Lai S
Presentation-Slideshow The Australian Natural Disaster Resilience Index - April 2017 mparsons, pmorley, jmcgregor, sglavac, phastings, ireeve, gmarshall, rstayner, jmcneill
Presentation-Slideshow Valuing Volunteers Study - Three Minute Thesis bcalcutt
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National research priorities for natural hazards

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The Sir Ivan fire. Photo: Nick Moir, Fairfax Media

The Sir Ivan fire. Photo: Nick Moir, Fairfax Media

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