Attendees listening to a presentation at the Sydney RAF.

Attendees listening to a presentation at the Sydney RAF.
Attendees listening to a presentation at the Sydney RAF.
12 Apr 2018
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Research Advisory Forum - Sydney 2018

The April 2018 Research Advisory Forum (RAF) was held in Sydney at the New South Wales Rural Fire Service Headquarters on 12-13 April. RAFs are important CRC gatherings held every six months, showcasing the latest research from one half of our research program. They are an opportunity for CRC partners, project leaders and end-users in the CRC to work together, and gain an overview of the research and utilisation activities within the CRC, as well as allowing for more intensive discussion on the progress of each project. They also provide opportunities for informal networking. The format includes Three Minute Thesis presentations by CRC PhD students.

This RAF focused on the Resilience and Policy  themes of the research program, with 136 end-users, researchers and PhD students attending. Projects from the following clusters presented, and the presentations can be downloaded below from the 'resources' tab:

  • Governance and institutional knowledge 
  • Economics, policy and decision-making
  • Scenario and loss analysis
  • Communications and warnings
  • Emergency management capability
  • Understanding and measuring social resilience 
  • Sustainable volunteering

The RAF had two parallel activities:

  • Stakeholder briefings in a large auditorium
  • Breakout sessions to the stakeholder briefings to support detailed project level discussions between researchers and end-user representatives.

The RAF focused on research utilisation activities for existing projects, and the new projects that are a part of the CRC 2017-2021 research program. 

Many end-user representatives involved with the clusters attended, along with project leaders, researchers and PhD students, which enabled productive cluster and project workshops to take place outside of the presentation sessions. Each project gave a 20 minute presentation on the state of the project, covering the research outcomes that have been achieved and how the research is being transition into use by CRC partners. Four PhD students, Liberty PascuaDarryl DixonPeter Middleton and Alan Green, presented their research using the Three Minute Thesis format, while many other PhD students attended the RAF. The aim of these students attending is to build networks between our next generation of researchers and our end-user partners, and expose them more closely to issues facing our sector.



Peter Middleton's research is improving communication in Tasmania's emergency services.
6 June, 2018 | CRC associate student researcher Peter Middleton says his recent experience at the latest Research Advisory Forum in Sydney has enhanced the way he presents his research.

Liberty Pascua talking to locals about disaster resilience in Vanuatu.
30 May, 2018 | Policymakers have a lot to learn from communities in small villages who are prone to natural disasters says PhD student Liberty Pascua.

Alan Green testing his science to mitigate against bushfires. Photo: University of Wollongong.
26 April, 2018 | CRC PhD student Alan Green has presented his research on sprinkler systems at the latest Research Advisory Forum.

Students take part in a workshop on presentation skills.
18 April, 2018 | Four CRC PhD students had the chance to present their research as part of a three-minute-thesis at the latest Research Advisory Forum (RAF) in Sydney on 12 and 13 April.

Steve Sutton with end-users Mike Redford and Otto Campion from the Aboriginal Researcher Practitioners Network.
16 April, 2018 | CRC end-user partners, researchers and PhD students from across the country gathered in Sydney last week to attend the CRC’s biannual Research Advisory Forum.

Type Title Credited author Credited author/s NON-CRC
Presentation-Audio-Video Diversity and inclusion: building strength and capability cyoung, brasmussen, jpyke, ccormick, rjones Neelam Maharaj
Presentation-Audio-Video Planning and Capability Requirements for Catastrophic and Cascading Events agissing, meburn
Presentation-Audio-Video Forecasting Impact for Severe Weather hrichter, carthur, sschroeter, mwehner, jsexton, bebert, mdunford, jkepert, smaguire, rhay, medwards
Presentation-Slideshow Towards Protective Action: Effective Risk and Warning Communication During Natural Hazards vtippett, lbradley, pdootson, dgreer, amehta
Presentation-Slideshow Building best practice in child-centred disaster risk reduction kronan, btowers
Presentation-Slideshow Improving the role of hazard communications in increasing residents’ preparedness for bushfires and floods imcneill, jboldero, jhandmer, djohnston
Presentation-Slideshow Policies, institutions & governance of natural hazards sdovers, meburn
Presentation-Audio-Video Barriers and enablers to long term recovery of communities sjohal
Presentation-Audio-Video Utilising Census Data to Inform Public Policy mulubasoglu
Presentation-Slideshow Team monitoring, decision making & organisational learning cbearman, scurnin, cowen, bbrooks
Presentation-Audio-Video Enabling sustainable emergency volunteering: Adapting the Sector bmclennan, tkruger, jhandmer
Presentation-Audio-Video Hazards, culture and Indigenous communities tneale, jweir, wsmith
Presentation-Audio-Video Enabling sustainable emergency volunteering: Changing management practice dkragt, pdunlop, dholtrop, mgagné, aluksyte
Presentation-Slideshow Economics of natural hazards vflorec, arogers, ahailu, dpannell
Presentation-Audio-Video Building community resilience in northern Australia jrussellsmith, gjames, kvanwezel
Presentation-Audio-Video How can we Deliver Training to Build north Australian Community Resilience? ssutton
Presentation-Audio-Video Decision Support System for Assessment of Policy and Planning Investment Options hmaier, griddell, hvandelden, rvanhout, jnewman, azecchin, gdandy
Presentation-Slideshow The Australian Natural Disaster Resilience Index mparsons, ireeve, jmcgregor, pmorley, phastings, rstayner, sglavac, jmcneill, gmarshall
Presentation-Audio-Video Three Minute Thesis: Sprinkler systems to improve the bushfire resilience of buildings agreen
Presentation-Audio-Video Three Minute Thesis: Asbestos Awareness ddixon
Presentation-Audio-Video Three Minute Thesis: Enhancing public information practice in Tasmania's emergency services pmiddleton
Presentation-Slideshow Three Minute Thesis: Precarious places, precarious knowledges lpascua
Presentation-Audio-Video How organisations can - and do – utilise research cowen
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The Sir Ivan fire. Photo: Nick Moir, Fairfax Media

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