Understanding and Mitigating Hazards


This theme seeks better forecasts of likely events and precursor conditions; greater accuracy of forecast tools and more timely forecasts. This leads to increased preparedness for the impacts of natural hazards, improved communications and warnings and enhanced ability to predict and mitigate the risk.

Projects in this research theme, by cluster

Flood and Coastal Management
Project Research leader Affiliation
Developing better predictions for extreme water levels
Prof Charitha Pattiaratchi University of Western Australia
Resilience to clustered disaster events on the coast - storm surge
Dr Scott Nichol Geoscience Australia
Improving flood forecast skill using remote sensing data
Assoc Prof Valentijn Pauwels Monash University
Built Environment
Project Research leader Affiliation
Cost-effective mitigation strategy for flood prone buildings
Dr Tariq Maqsood RMIT University
Cost-effective mitigation strategy for building related earthquake risk
Prof Michael Griffith University of Adelaide
Natural hazard exposure information modelling framework
Dr Krishna Nadimpalli Geoscience Australia
Improving the resilience of existing housing to severe wind events
Prof John Ginger James Cook University
Enhancing resilience of critical road infrastructure
Prof Sujeeva Setunge RMIT University
Bushfire Predictive Services
Project Research leader Affiliation
Threshold conditions for extreme fire behaviour
Dr Trent Penman University of Melbourne
Mapping bushfire hazard and impacts
Dr Marta Yebra Australian National University
Fire coalescence and mass spotfire dynamics
A/Prof Jason Sharples University of New South Wales
Fire surveillance and hazard mapping
Prof Simon Jones RMIT University
Fire spread prediction across fuel types
Dr Khalid Moinuddin Victoria University
Severe and High Impact Weather
Project Research leader Affiliation
Coupled fire-atmosphere modelling
Dr Mika Peace Bureau of Meteorology
Improved predictions of severe weather to reduce community impact
Dr Jeff Kepert Bureau of Meteorology
Improving land dryness measures and forecasts
Dr Imtiaz Dharssi Bureau of Meteorology
Prescribed burning and catchment management
Project Research leader Affiliation
Delivering effective prescribed burning across Australian ecosystems
Prof Ross Bradstock University of Wollongong
Tools supporting fire management in northern Australia
Adj Prof Jeremy Russell-Smith Charles Darwin University
Optimisation of fuel reduction burning regimes
A/Prof Tina Bell University of Sydney
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The Sir Ivan fire. Photo: Nick Moir, Fairfax Media

The Sir Ivan fire. Photo: Nick Moir, Fairfax Media

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